Check-lists are a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered,which are generally used as reminders beforehand any occasion. For remembering all these small to-do things we often create an event checklist too so that nothing goes missing after the final curtain rising moment. Need A Bar is such an option that committed to making your special event a successful one. However big or small your event is going to be, step by step planning it will follow the same pattern as follows:

1# the objectives of the event and manage time-

Discuss what you want your event to achieve – Make sure the event objectives are followed in each and every step of progress. Start planning your event in advance to give yourself enough time to organise everything.

2# Plan out the work –

Working together on a timetable with all the main dates and deadlines on it can help clarify how much work there is to do, and when.  Be clear about every taks and roles, and who has been assigned with what work.

3# Caring about all the basics as first aid, transport, photography, lights etc-

Take care to do what you can to avoid accidents and injuries at your event. See our information on health and safety for community groups. Decide who will be responsible for first aid on the day. Some of your volunteers may already have first aid training.

4# settle up permission matters-

Make sure the venue is booked and confirmed. Vouch for equipment you will need to hire. Look for the regulations for that venue/space early on – it may take months for some licences to be granted.

5# Promotions-

Develop Marketing / Communication Plans, Design promotional material, basic text, logo and every small things necessary for your event to gain publicity.

6# Food

Getting a caterer for an event is a must. You need to make sure you hire the canapés catering from Ideal Party in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable event.

7# Final check on the checklist-

Don’t forget to collect feedback and grievances for future improvements of any actions, and make sure all the final checks has been done before the commencement of the event so that it gets good reviews from the guests and also ensure that the participants of the events are satisfied.

Event Planning