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How to change cellar gas at your event

Cellar gas is one of the safest and efficient gases that can be used for a number of purposes. You, however, may find yourself needing to change your cellar gas if you have thirsty guests!

How do you change your cellar gas? Cellar CO2 gas needs to be changed by specialized personnel who know the process and the properties of the gas. Cellar gas is usually used in bars and pubs. Here are some ways in which cellar gas can be changed.

Changing the cellar gas – rules to be followed

Changing cellar gas may initially seem to be really tricky and difficult but it is not so. Everyone who has a little knowledge about cellar gas can easily change his or her gas. Some precautions, however, need to be followed. Observe these safety rules before changing the cellar gas. Also, ensure that the expiration date of the connection pipe does not exceed the date. Check that all hosepipes are in good condition by using a gas leak detector and an aerosol. Also, ensure that the gas supply valve can be operated at all times of the day. Also, change the seals of the connecting pipes on a regular basis and store the cylinders appropriately. Perform these above checks properly and then move on to the next process of changing gas.

Stages of changing the cellar gas

  • Remove the old cellar gas bottle and separate the connector between the cylinder and the regulator by unscrewing the locks. Check the expiration date of the connector and close the valve well. Remove the empty bottle from the location for easier access to the gas supply valve.
  • Prepare the new bottle and unscrew the handle. Remove the protective plastic end cap from the outlet valve. You can now connect the bottle
  • Change the seal of the cylinder and in order to avoid any kind of risk, change the seal with each bottle as a replacement. Unscrew the connector pipe and screw it back after the joint has been changed.
  • Connect the new bottle and the hose to the appliance. Screw the regulator into the hose and attach the regulator to the valve outlet.
  • Open the faucet along with the cylinder valve and then reset the regulator. Perform a leak test with the help of foaming agents. Replace the bottle, which is ready for use now.

Exercise safety while changing the gas

It is important to be safe while you are changing your gas.

If the gas pressure gauge registers are empty, then choose the tap on the bottle. Also turn the knob tightly in the closed position when the cylinder is not in use. Use the spanner unscrew nut on the connecting pipe to the bottle till it is removed. Position the gas bottle in a way so that it is secure and in place. Pull the plastic stopper from the connection from the pipe. Make sure that this level is important to prevent all kinds of leakages. Use the spanner and tighten the nut on the pipe till it is completely secure. Unscrew the knob on the top of the bottle towards the open direction Dispense the drinks after all is ready.