How to change cellar gas at your event

Cellar gas is one of the safest and efficient gases that can be used for a number of purposes. You, however, may find yourself needing to change your cellar gas if you have thirsty guests!

How do you change your cellar gas? Cellar CO2 gas needs to be changed by specialized personnel who know the process and the properties of the gas. Cellar gas is usually used in bars and pubs. Here are some ways in which cellar gas can be changed.

Changing the cellar gas – rules to be followed

Changing cellar gas may initially seem to be really tricky and difficult but it is not so. Everyone who has a little knowledge about cellar gas can easily change his or her gas. Some precautions, however, need to be followed. Observe these safety rules before changing the cellar gas. Also, ensure that the expiration date of the connection pipe does not exceed the date. Check that all hosepipes are in good condition by using a gas leak detector and an aerosol. Also, ensure that the gas supply valve can be operated at all times of the day. Also, change the seals of the connecting pipes on a regular basis and store the cylinders appropriately. Perform these above checks properly and then move on to the next process of changing gas.

Stages of changing the cellar gas

  • Remove the old cellar gas bottle and separate the connector between the cylinder and the regulator by unscrewing the locks. Check the expiration date of the connector and close the valve well. Remove the empty bottle from the location for easier access to the gas supply valve.
  • Prepare the new bottle and unscrew the handle. Remove the protective plastic end cap from the outlet valve. You can now connect the bottle
  • Change the seal of the cylinder and in order to avoid any kind of risk, change the seal with each bottle as a replacement. Unscrew the connector pipe and screw it back after the joint has been changed.
  • Connect the new bottle and the hose to the appliance. Screw the regulator into the hose and attach the regulator to the valve outlet.
  • Open the faucet along with the cylinder valve and then reset the regulator. Perform a leak test with the help of foaming agents. Replace the bottle, which is ready for use now.

Exercise safety while changing the gas

It is important to be safe while you are changing your gas.

If the gas pressure gauge registers are empty, then choose the tap on the bottle. Also turn the knob tightly in the closed position when the cylinder is not in use. Use the spanner unscrew nut on the connecting pipe to the bottle till it is removed. Position the gas bottle in a way so that it is secure and in place. Pull the plastic stopper from the connection from the pipe. Make sure that this level is important to prevent all kinds of leakages. Use the spanner and tighten the nut on the pipe till it is completely secure. Unscrew the knob on the top of the bottle towards the open direction Dispense the drinks after all is ready.


Why You Should Learn Piano

Music lovers are always ready to listen any good piece of music. We always listen to the musical works of our favorite artists in admiration stage and sometime become even envy of this great talent, but we rarely choose to make music ourselves. With our busy life schedule, many people set aside their musical aspirations in order to achieve realistic goal in life but can you tell why this should be in this way? Playing music is not all about earning money and fame; you can get a beautiful satisfaction, mental peace within you. Amongst all musical instruments, particularly piano is a very popular choice for many of us due to its elegancy, simplicity, versatility, and the beauty of its sound. Here are few reasons why you should learn piano:

1) Mental well-being: Playing music can develop and energies brain health and it will give you far greater option than the home-based activities like watching television, reading, or playing games. More so, many researches have shown that the connections between the music and intelligence are stronger rather than merely theoretical. When you are practicing and playing piano, it will sharpen your hand-eye coordination, improve math and memorization skills, and also improves the brain’s creative power. It has proved that learning any instrument can increase one’s IQ level.

2) Self-esteem: At our work place, when you successfully complete any project, then you must feel a special sense of gladness and self-worth which is called self-esteem stage. The same is going for playing music in the same way. Musicians often create a level that can be felt while they are playing in their self-esteem boost which can influence our daily life. Piano lessons in London by Teach Tutti is a very good opportunity for those who want to take is as a career as well as for their own satisfaction

3) Stress reduction: studies shows that learning any instrument can reduce stress. After having a tough day out in the chaotic work world, there is nothing more relaxing than the simple and enchanting sound of piano keyboard. Once it gets started, the stresses and cares for world are forgotten and gently brushed aside by its pure melody and harmony.

4) User-friendliness: There is no more other instrument which is simpler and straightforward than the piano. Like the flute or clarinet, the player must memorize the large number of finger positions for every note.

2017 summer travel guide

Are you planning a trip this summer? If so, there are some summer travel guides that can help you with a hassle free trip. You will find that your trip will be very successful if you take the following tips into consideration.

Are you planning to enjoy a beautiful summer holiday? It seems you have finalized a location where you want to spend some relaxing time with your group. In case, there is a destination in your mind, there are certain summer travel guides for the year. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Travel-friendly apps

With the advancement in technology, travel-friendly apps are a blessing for every tourist and traveller. No what matter which location you visit, it is the mobile apps that will help you with a smooth and hassle free travel.

Travel savvy accessories

According to the experts of Mayday Travel, in order to ensure that your travel or trip is without any misfortune or issue, it is always suggested that you must carry the travel savvy accessories with you. Carrying a universal adapter is a must have. There is nothing worse than travelling with a dead phone. A neck pillow and passport and travel document file are also necessary.

Travel friendly credit cards

One of the most frustrating aspects of travelling abroad is the exchange of money. In order to avoid the hassle, you can invest money in travel friendly credit/debit cards and enjoy shopping whenever you want.

5 Fun Facts On Drama School

Drama is considered to be among the world’s most preeminent arts. It is in fact considered to be the most wonderful act. Drama is a very traditional art which has always held a great importance. There are evidences which clearly show that drama was also prevalent during the historical period.

5# Some facts about drama:

Drama is considered to be a very successful art. It has always been cherished since time immemorial. It also gives immense peace of mind. Performing drama is also a very unique art. A drama becomes interesting by your performance. The better you perform the more interesting it becomes.

4# It keeps you healthy:

A research has revealed the fact that drama can keep you healthy. It also refreshes your mind. Drama reduces tension and stress from your body. It has been also seen that drama brings immense pleasure to people during the historical time too. Different emperors regarded drama as the most vital tool for pleasure. They often observed drama during their leisure times. Such were the importance of drama during those time. If you are looking to enroll yourself in a popular drama school then opt for West End Stage Drama School.

3# Drama increases your speaking power:

Drama also enhance your speaking power to a great extent. It also builds confidence among yourself by a number of ways. It gives you the energy. In fact drama is also regarded as the most energetic art. It requires much energy and power to speak for such a long time.

2# Drama helps to build stage confidence:

It is presumed that drama helps to build stage confidence. If you perform drama then you can perform at any place and at any point of time. This is indeed very vital in today’s world. Drama has a lot of usefulness. A most funny fact about a drama was that in the year 1782 a lady named Fitzherbert died laughing at the performance of John Gay’s. The drama was Beggars Opera .

1# The funniest fact about drama:

Another and most funny fact about the drama was that a woman played the role of Hamlet. It was played by Charlotte Charke. It was really amazing and funny at the same time.

Thus you can see that drama are really amazing and at the same time gives complete refreshment of mind. People regard it as the most important tool of refreshment. Drama’s has often occupied a very vital place in human lives. Since time immemorial has hold a pivotal position in human civilization. Time has changed and many more art has come into existence but still drama’s are equally important.

They have been praised by most of the people in this earth. In this fast world too drama’s has become equally important and have not lost its importance in any way. Till now many beautiful drama’s are organised in many corners of the world. They are observed with lot of people with great pomp and show. Thus drama will never lose its importance in any way.

Event planning checklist

Check-lists are a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered,which are generally used as reminders beforehand any occasion. For remembering all these small to-do things we often create an event checklist too so that nothing goes missing after the final curtain rising moment. Need A Bar is such an option that committed to making your special event a successful one. However big or small your event is going to be, step by step planning it will follow the same pattern as follows:

1# the objectives of the event and manage time-

Discuss what you want your event to achieve – Make sure the event objectives are followed in each and every step of progress. Start planning your event in advance to give yourself enough time to organise everything.

2# Plan out the work –

Working together on a timetable with all the main dates and deadlines on it can help clarify how much work there is to do, and when.  Be clear about every taks and roles, and who has been assigned with what work.

3# Caring about all the basics as first aid, transport, photography, lights etc-

Take care to do what you can to avoid accidents and injuries at your event. See our information on health and safety for community groups. Decide who will be responsible for first aid on the day. Some of your volunteers may already have first aid training.

4# settle up permission matters-

Make sure the venue is booked and confirmed. Vouch for equipment you will need to hire. Look for the regulations for that venue/space early on – it may take months for some licences to be granted.

5# Promotions-

Develop Marketing / Communication Plans, Design promotional material, basic text, logo and every small things necessary for your event to gain publicity.

6# Final check on the checklist-

Don’t forget to collect feedback and grievances for future improvements of any actions, and make sure all the final checks has been done before the commencement of the event so that it gets good reviews from the guests and also ensure that the participants of the events are satisfied.

Event Planning

Top 5 ways to maintain your garden

Your garden is one of the most important assets, alongside our car, of your home that you would like to keep looking good and healthy. You wouldn’t let your car go without its alloy wheel repair, so don’t leave your garden looking unhealthy. A garden comprises of flowering plants and vegetations that need to be well maintained here are 5 ways in which you can maintain your garden in the best possible way

Maintaining the soil

It is always important to maintain the soil. Plants need healthy soil in the right places and the right temperature. Use a spade to turn the soil once in a month so that there is proper air circulation and the soil is loose and light as well. Top the soil with organic compounds

Keep your plants hydrated

Plants always need water to survive. They need to be hydrated and moisturized- especially in the summer seasons. Water the plants early in the morning so that the weather is cooler and water evaporation is less.

Put proper manure in your plants

Always ensure to use proper manure in your plants to keep them healthy. Organic manure is the best way to keep plants healthy and smiling. This comprises of cow dung, organic manure, fermented leaves and other things that are good for the plants.

Make sure that there is enough space between plants

Always make sure that while planting the plants, there is enough space between the plants. Each and every plant needs moisture, sunlight and air, as well as nutrients from the soil. Make sure that each plant has enough room for circulation and thus they will grow well.

Always ensure to pull out weeds

Weeds can be a menace to your garden. They irritate the healthy plants and also are a matter of concern for flowering plants. Stubborn weeds need to be dealt with stubbornly with a good professional who would help in eradicating the weeds from the very root. These need to be pulled out so that plants can be allowed to grow well without any kind of obstruction.

These are the five ways in which you can take care of your garden so that the plants that grow are healthy and strong as well.

Benton Arboriculture Is your perfect address to plant care with safe, professional and reliable people at your assistance.

What is SEO and How Does it Help My Business?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving where your website shows up in search engine results such as Google or Bing. Generally the higher in the search results a website is the more traffic it will get. More traffic means more business. Whether you can reach the top spot also depends on your market. If you’re not in a niche then it can be hard to reach the first page of results, never mind the top spot.


One way in which Google and Bing decide your rankings is through the use of “spiders”. A spider is basically a piece of software that crawls along the web, searching websites for keywords and phrases. The data collected by these spiders is used to determine how relevant your website is when someone searches these keywords and phrases.

It becomes important to also think about the searching habits of your target audience and how these keywords and phrases appear on your site. So if you run a physiotherapy website you should include keywords related to physiotherapy in your website. Common keywords there are “massage” and “lower back pain”. Also keep in mind that the text included in images can’t be read by these spiders, but the alt-text of an image can.

One great way to identify the keywords you should be using is the Google Adwords keyword tool. This tool gives advertisers a list of keywords related to their market but it can also provide copywriters with keywords they should be using. You can also put in any site, and get keyword ideas related to that niche. For example, if I was looking for keywords in the showering space, I would plug in a currently ranking site like and get the necessary keyword suggestions.

After you know which keywords you’ll be using you should make sure they are inserted into the body of your pages and the metadata of your page too. This is information that users won’t see but spiders can. You can do it yourself or ask your web designer to do it for you.


PageRank is a ranking out of ten that search engines use to decide how trustworthy your website is. Building up links between websites improves the score of both sites and linking to and from sites with a high PageRank is the most beneficial.

While you can’t control all of the links to your website (and Google tends to punish people who use link farms and generate artificial links) you can take some steps to improve your PageRank score. You should link your website to your social media accounts and try and get it listed on free open directories such as DMOZ. Also try and get your website linked in professional bodies that are related to your market.

You need both inbound and outbound links to improve your SEO. If you ever mention a website you should ideally create a hyperlink to it. Setting up internal links to other pages on your website means that the spiders spend more time looking through your site. One step you can take here is to insert a quick links footer so that each page is linked to another page.

You can find out the PageRank score of your website by using a browser plugin like PageRank Status.

Stay Fresh

How often spiders crawl around your site is partly determined by how often you create new content on your pages. So you should always change the text and images on your pages, or add and remove pages, at least once a month. That way your content stays fresh and spiders keep coming back.

Another solution that more businesses are adopting is to create blogs and spend time writing or curating content that your target audience will enjoy and find relevant. It might sound like a daunting task but it quickly becomes second nature and shouldn’t take up more than half an hour of your day to do. If you’d like some material to blog about then consider setting up Google Alerts for news and information about your keywords.

Where to Get the Premium Marquees For your Next Big Event

Needless to say that marquee for all occasions can be very helpful and getting the very best impression of your guests. An outstanding venue means an outstanding start of the celebration as a whole. Now, part of the many benefits you can get of having a marquee is that, you have a total freedom to include the things you wanted for your event whether it is a simple birthday party, chistening, thanksgiving party, wedding party and the like. Remember that marquee is like a blank canvass which encourages the production of your ideas as to what size, style, and shape you want to have.

At Capitall Marquees Essex, you are guaranteed the best marquee with superior design and excellent build for your event needs. Through the years, we have been offering a quality service to each and every consumers. Meanwhile, we will share to you the most helpful ideas in making your event fab in whatever theme you choose.


Marquees are great for weddings because it is very flexible and hassle-free way of having a venue for your special day. Of course, wedding venue must be well-prepared beforehand so that you will have the sufficient time table for the marquee to stand as well as the overall design service for your party. You need to keep everything ready beforehand, including waist trainers for the lovely ladies. For certain, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from and your experience with us will be fun and satisfying. Marvelous service will be provided for you regardless of what season your wedding will be—summer or winter is never a hindrance to having a perfect place to celebrate your wedding!

Garden Parties

Event handlers strongly recommend a marquee hire if you are planning to host garden or outdoor parties. A marquee can encourage you to formulate innovative and imaginative ideas to create a variety and uniqueness to your event. If one of your purposes is to impress all your guests, then probably a marquee will help you in achieving this. You can choose to have a classical kind of party for a vintage feel or the modern one to fit the contemporary style and design. Always remember that whatever you prefer, you can have a well-established marquee to make an unforgettable memory.


People loves to attend mini-festivals as part of the socialization goals and culture of a certain place. Hence, if you are about to launch one, make sure that you get a hold of deciding to hire a marquee because there, you will be able to arrange on a festival setting with enough chairs, tables, dance floor, band or dj area, bar and other add-on layout.

Summer Cinema

Marquees are not just for parties but also, it is the most appropriate option to hold a summer cinema. You can have a fabulous way of having a film experience at your own expense with marquee for hire. Just make sure to make a comfortable space for each guests, enough seats, a working laptop, screen, popcorn  and perfect movies to start your summer cinema experience!

To this end, the most beautiful event starts with a remarkable venue so don’t miss to hire one in your next big event.

This Is Why You Are Doing Online Marketing Wrongly

I hope you don’t feel offended by the title. Instead, you should take this as an opportunity to improve your online marketing skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a marketer full time or a business owners who’s trying to get a hold on this vital aspect of every business out there. It doesn’t matter at all, because this article is going to fit them all.

Without nothing more to add, by the moment, it’s time to move on with this piece of content which is going to revolutionize the way you see and work with online marketing.

You Are Too Cheap:

No money, no win. If you want to make your online marketing a success, then you shouldn’t be too cheap. Of course, you don’t have to literally burn your cash away. All you have to do is to be a tad more generous with your marketing budget.

Of course, in the “beta testing” phase, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. But once things get onto the right track, you should not be afraid of spending a tad more cash into your marketing project, because it will eventually pay off greatly.

You Don’t Track Results:

best-ways-to-trackSeriously, if you want to do marketing like a real professional, then you have to track your results all the time. It will allow you to know what thing works and what doesn’t.

You should track, for example, where your traffic is coming from. So you can see from which sources you get the most traffic or which source of traffic brings you the best Return of Investment. Tracking your results is an essential part of internet marketing, because it will bring you a very detailed overview on what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to get the best results from your marketing campaigns, then all you need to do is to focus onto tracking results better. That’s why it’s important to work with programs like Google Analytics, so you can see where your traffic is coming from.

You Don’t Test:

Another reason on why so many people don’t do it as well as they could with online marketing is because they don’t test at all. If you want to improve your online marketing skills, then you need to test quite a lot. Last summer, PortableACNerd tested a lot of designs before finalizing on their current design, which is proven to be the most engaging one for their visitors.

Creativity is a main factor when it comes to marketing. And if you feel like you are short in creativity and imagination, then these are areas you need to work on. Because eventually these areas will give you an edge over the rest.

Online marketing is, somehow, like an art. Because creative matters a lot. That’s why we encourage you to start testing different things. The more you test, the more you will learn. So it’s also a nice way to acquire more experience. Because this will also help you to promote your services much better, because you will grab the attention from important business owners near you or overseas.